Pain in the neck

I literally have a pain in my neck. I feel like its been twisted and pulled and yanked. What did I do? I slept on the , and it was uncomfortable as hell. Just got progressively worse through the day. Now, I’ve got a and a pain in the neck. Even with meds, the isn’t going away cry

Mark and Julie came over. We inquired about . doesn’t carry any non-off-brand ones with , so we found the one we want at . Gorgeous pieces of machinery those Polaroids be. It comes with a controller, XD, though I’m not sure the kids will really get much use out of that, :lol:.

The rest of tonight’s goals is to import more CDs into iTunes. I’m up to about 640 items. :relieved: That’s 3.29 gigs of music, for 1.7 days of non-stop, no repeat of music. :tired: Obsessed much?


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2 responses to “Pain in the neck

  1. 😆 so you DID make it past 3 gigs. I was wondering if you were gonna make it or not.

  2. @ Julie :: Yeap, I reached it, XD. There are still more CDs I want to get. I just got a 24-song CD through iTunes ($20 for it, too), and DAMN!! I’m in heaven (lots and lots of contemporary Christian music). Now to work on a CD mix for the “appointment” and then a few for the trip 🙂