Thirteen Favorite WP Plugins


Each week, I’ll do a different theme with Thursday Thirteen, just for this blog. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the πŸ™‚

My Personal Favorite

1. All-In-One Pack ➑ Katy has a much better entry on it, including an in-depth how-to on using it.
2. Akismet ➑ One of the best WordPress plugins out there, designed for spam control. Worth every second of having it!!
3. Full Text Feed ➑ Pretty self-explanatory. Instead of showing the cut-off of a post, it shows the full-feed, no matter what.
4. Link Limits ➑ You can control how many links are listed in a comment before it’s flagged as spam. It also disables BBCode, which doesn’t work in blog comments anyway.
5. ➑ It broke with 2.5, though it works for me, if it’s installed previously, before the upgrade. It’s what the percentages mean at the bottom of each post. It’s a way of tracking which posts are more popular than others.
6. Related Posts ➑ Exactly what it says. It brings up a list of related posts. Sometimes, you’re going 😯 and wondering why they’re related, but it’s based on tags and tag-usage.
7. and Your Out ➑ Closes comments and trackbacks across the board to IP addresses that are behaving badly. Another great plugin.
8. Tools ➑ I spoke about this one in a previous post, and I absolutely adore it!!
9. WP-DB Back-up ➑ An invaluable plugin. Backs up your blog for you. Trust me, smartest thing you could ever do is back-up your blog. Do it OFTEN!!
10. WP Notable ➑ Add social bookmark links to each . Some people complain about them, but honestly, not every blog reader knows about them, so it’s good to have them.
11. WP Stats ➑ Another plugin that requires a API code, but one that’s worth it. Tracks views, post/, , and clicks.
12. Tag Suggest Thing ➑ Not sure what tags to use? This gives you the best ideas.
13. Subscribe to Comments ➑ An extremely useful plugin, especially if you respond to comments in the post itself.

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