Haiku Friday – Fridge Friday – April 04

There’s a youngish
Looking tired and exhausted
Needs more , says she

Dealing with two kids
Can be rewarding but why
Must they wake early?

A table to clean
But not right at this moment
Better things to do

A to
Read and enjoy, something she
Feels she’s neglected

It needs some cultivating

This little guy
Of a grill put together
So he can go play

Plus, did I mention
That the sink is full of
And other items?

At least the can
Say that it’s full and happy
Just like a fridge is

Besides, I want to
Go . Father’s Day is
Fast approaching us!


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6 responses to “Haiku Friday – Fridge Friday – April 04

  1. Nice job! 🙂

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Life — it’s what matters

  2. Well they always say that a neat house is the sign of a neglectful mom. Besides, who likes cleaning? Not I. I’d rather be reading of playing with the kids.

    Jules’s last blog post..And then there was…

  3. I could totally relate to kiddos waking up early, it’s like they are roosters or something, up before the sun most days.. oy!

    Cool post! 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..You know you want a little Karaoke!!

  4. @ Rebecca :: Thank you

    @ Jules :: I gotta tell this to my husband. Maybe he’ll stop complaining 😉

    @ Chica :: Mine are usually pretty good about it and are willing to climb in bed with Mommy and let her sleep some more, but not always, 🙁

  5. This phase, too, will go quickly! Cute post!

  6. Tumblewords :: I’m nto annoyed or anything. It’s not my kids’ fault that Mommy has insomnia, and have since I was younger.