Haiku’d the Fridge – March 07, 2008

Today is that day
Pictures of the and friends

Pictures of a mess
Shots look taken at random

Time is to begin
to be shown
But not all are laughs

!! Little boy caught
Red-handed, or wall as shown
Purple blue seen

Punishment given
TV not a part, thank god
at least in his eyes

Stare slack-jawed in awe
must be on right now
Little boy is glued

Little Miss Naked
Clothes are repelled instantly
They cannot stay on.

pile up
I thought he said he’d do them
Do not look at me

That blue cup was clean
Until it jumped away
Cleared the cabinet

can be found spelled here
Only words that they know

Drawing shows family
Drawn by a talented girl
Madison is proud

There’s food to be had
Food that needs to be eaten
Prepared it must be

Not just junk is seen
There’s veggies to be eaten
Besides the

I had fun with this, and while I was a bit limited in what I wanted to say, I think it turned out well 🙂
And if anyone wants to know, the site shown on the laptop is my dA site.


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10 responses to “Haiku’d the Fridge – March 07, 2008

  1. that was fun!!
    my 4 year old, he has the same clothes repellent on his skin!! the clothing never seems to want to stay on…and i just found out this is happening at preschool, too. i’m going to look into a nudist preschoool! 😉

  2. @ Melissa » Oh man!! I can’t imagine it happening in public. Mine’ll usually stay dressed (also four, XD).

  3. That is a great FF post!
    I’m afraid I’m no good at haiku’s myself!
    See you next friday, or if you care to visit mine, I do the full Monty this week …

    Jientje’s last blog post..Fridge Friday …. The Full Monty!

  4. @ Jientje » It takes practice and my hands are tired from the syllable counting 🙂

    I’m gonna have to check out “The Fully Monty” 🙂

  5. How BRAVE you are to share so honestly! Most impressive.
    Hugs and blessings,

    storyteller’s last blog post..Haiku Friday #20 – Spontaneity

  6. @ storyteller » While I don’t think it’s brave, thanks 🙂

  7. it’s brave to show the inside of your fridge/freezer like that. i’d be waaaaaay embarrassed 😉

    janet’s last blog post..Haiku Friday: the college behavior at 13 edition

  8. @ janet » Eh, I’m showing a basic shot. I’m not brave enough to show a inside shot, XD.

  9. transplanting me

    if you frame that you can call it art. your property value is immediately increased

    transplanting me’s last blog post..light language

  10. @ TM » No property value in an apartment, XD, but thanks for commenting. 🙂