Daily Archives: 24 February, 2008

Days off

Today was my guy’s day off, so we spent the day together 🙂
We cleaned, :lol:. The dining room is now CLEAN, and we vaccumed. Did I mention I did the dining room window?


Kristen and Jeremy also had Little Miss Chloe this morning. She was 1 day shy of 36 weeks. That’s longer than Emma and Gavin, and she’s doing well!! She’s in the NICU, but that’s not to be unexpected.

We bought her 4 outfits to celebrate her birth. Went ahead and got newborn sizes. Hopefully they’ll fit, since she’s just below 5 pounds, which is the minimum for the size. 🙂 We’ll see.

Keep those prayers out for Chloe and for her Mommy. Her mommy now has to worry about little Chloe and the fact that they’re moving out of their apartment at the same time. Oyy!