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Thursday Thirteen – Major Plans for the Year

Major Plans for the Year

  • March 17: My son’s 3rd birthday
  • April 18: Josh’s birthday
  • May 24: My sister’s high school graduation
  • Sometime in May: the check from the government (at least $1200, since we filed as married, and have 2 kids)
  • mid-May: Trip to my parents house (for sister’s graduation)
  • June 20: My daughter’s 5th birthday
  • June 15-21: Josh’s vacation
  • June 15-21: trip to Virginia (or thereabouts) to scatter Kathy’s ashes
  • August/September: Madison starts kindergarten o.O already
  • September 16: Josh and I’s anniversary
  • October 31: Halloween … maybe this year they’ll enjoy it more
  • Dec. 08: My birthday o.o I’ll be 27
  • Dec. 25: Christmas 🙂

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Budgeting the time

The biggest thing, I’ve found, as a mom and a blogger, and trying to make money online, is that you have to budget your time. To do everything you need to do in any given day is the ultimate goal. The realistic goal is to at least complete two or three things, because kids are extremely unpredictable.

Here it is midnight, here in Topeka, and both my husband and I are wide-awake and kids are asleep. We could be doing some cleaning, maybe folding some laundry, or anything besides what we’re doing. He’s playing The Sims 2, and I’m playing on my laptop. Tomorrow is his day off, and even though he’ll be the one getting up with our kids in the morning, he’s taking advantage of the free time. I’m just sitting here, watching SoapNET and doing my first official blog entry.

Before I ramble on too much, as I have a tendency to do, the real topic of the post: budgeting time.

There are a few important points to take into account when it comes to budgeting your time.

  1. Figure out how much you must get done each day
  2. Figure out how much time you have each day
  3. Figure out what else you need to do

So, you’ve got what you have to get done, and how much time you have. Most likely there’s not enough time to get it all done, right? Trust me, I know the problem. I face it all the time.

Biggest and best advice I ever received was from my mother-in-law before she passed: take it one day at a time. She didn’t mean it as just live it one day at a time, but to split up the major chores, one for each day. For example, laundry done on Saturday, since the work week is usually Monday through Friday, major kitchen cleaning on another day, vacuuming another, etc. It worked well for her for at least 20 years, and that was with 3 kids, and her working part-time, and then later, working 2 jobs.

Sometimes it helps to have a calender that’s dedicated just to household chores, along with dates of bills due. It’ll be killing two birds with one stone doing it that way.

Katy also had some great suggestions for budgeting your time, including budgeting time for reading e-mails, and reading and following up on blogs. Honestly, I don’t think I could be that strict with it, but I plan on trying it in a few weeks, just to see if it speeds up my productivity. I plan on doing a few things, as tests. Maybe my experiences will help you.

Quick Questions to find my niche

Part of Katy’s post about finding your own niche

What Do You Know

  • I’m slowly learning HTML, which a lot of people already know
  • How to be a mommy. I’m getting really good at that
  • How to be a part of a family
  • How to deal with a stubborn in-law
  • Budgeting … I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately
  • Hmm, not much else
  • Who Do You Know

  • Family
  • Other mommies
  • Other graphic artists
  • Other bloggers
  • Not much else
  • Q./A.
    When I’m online I prefer to read blog entries, and write blog entries.
    Of everything I read online, I’m most interesting in reading about romance, love, family, and friends.
    I network online by posting on other blogs, and doing trackbacks.
    The books that I enjoy reading are mostly romance novels.
    My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, playing with graphics.
    I really enjoy playing at home with my kiddos.

    God, honestly, in conclusion? I have no idea. Only thing I can do consistently, and because I’m forced to do it, is how to be a parent, but who honestly wants advice from someone who only has a preschooler and a toddler? I mean I have my mom to go to for advice, but geez.

    Any ideas, my lovely readers?

    I’ve got 3 blogs I need to find official purposes for:
    There’s More to the Story
    Random Amusements (yes, this one)
    Sarah C. Burkett

    I’m pretty sure I want to make this my permanent personal blog.