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Quick Questions to find my niche

Part of Katy’s post about finding your own niche

What Do You Know

  • I’m slowly learning HTML, which a lot of people already know
  • How to be a mommy. I’m getting really good at that
  • How to be a part of a family
  • How to deal with a stubborn in-law
  • Budgeting … I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately
  • Hmm, not much else
  • Who Do You Know

  • Family
  • Other mommies
  • Other graphic artists
  • Other bloggers
  • Not much else
  • Q./A.
    When I’m online I prefer to read blog entries, and write blog entries.
    Of everything I read online, I’m most interesting in reading about romance, love, family, and friends.
    I network online by posting on other blogs, and doing trackbacks.
    The books that I enjoy reading are mostly romance novels.
    My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, playing with graphics.
    I really enjoy playing at home with my kiddos.

    God, honestly, in conclusion? I have no idea. Only thing I can do consistently, and because I’m forced to do it, is how to be a parent, but who honestly wants advice from someone who only has a preschooler and a toddler? I mean I have my mom to go to for advice, but geez.

    Any ideas, my lovely readers?

    I’ve got 3 blogs I need to find official purposes for:
    There’s More to the Story (yes, this one)
    Random Amusements
    Sarah C. Burkett

    I’m pretty sure I want to make this my permanent personal blog.

    Tuesday Chuckles

    *WARNING* Not exactly intended for little ones, though mine find him hilarious (the fact that it’s a “talking” skeleton)