Daily Archives: 18 February, 2008

Kids and TV Habits

I’ve heard claims that too much television is bad for kids under a certain age, or any age. Honestly, for me, I don’t believe it. My daughter, Madison, has an amazing vocabulary, can count past 30, knows her ABC’s, colors, shapes, numbers (can point them out), and is now working on writing and spelling. A lot of this stuff? She picked up from TV.

Take the picture *up there* for an example. I showed it to her, and she goes “Those are lemurs”. How did she know? She watches Zoboomafoo, and Zoboo is a “leaping lemur”. She and Ethan both love the show.

Also, with Ethan, he’s obsessed with Caillou. He’s slowly picking up things from the show. He also watches a DVD of Blue, that involves an alphabet, and he’s getting his ABC’s down pat. he’s not getting them as fast as Madison, but according to Josh’s mom, before she passed, Josh was a little slower on certain cases, but picked up fast once he started getting the hang of it.

Honestly, the biggest thing I’ve learned since being a mom is that I have to trust my instincts. I did what felt right to me. It might not have been the ultimate right decision, but it was mine, and not someone else’s. Remember to trust your own instincts. They won’t steer you wrong, if you listen carefully.