Daily Archives: 15 February, 2008

Writing in All Caps

I’m sick and tired of seeing people who posts responses and posts, and the like,, in all caps.

Are they that lazy that they can’t use a shift button?
Are they that blind, and lazy, that they can’t just change their font size?

Then There Are The Ones Who Type Like This.
Or ThEy TyPe LiKe ThIs.


There should be an intelligence exam before you’re able to log onto the internet. I don’t mean book smarts, because I know a few with developmental delays that are more intelligent than some of the people I’ve met on the internet.

The Story of Josh and I

A meme on couples….thieved from the blogosphere 🙂

How long have you been together?
6 years, 5 months dating (tomorrow), 6 years, 1 month (in a week) living together

How long did you date?
Didn’t really, XD. We hung out, :lol:. I think we had one “official” date.

How old is he?
He’s 26, will be 27 in April

Who eats more?
Him, but that’s because I don’t eat a lot.

Who said ‘I love you’ first?
I technically did, but it was an “You’re in love with me, aren’t you?” kind of moment, :lol:, and I just nodded my head (we had been talking about the fact that he was going to be moving to Orlando, and leaving me in Palm Bay)

Who is taller?
He is, by just 2 inches shy of a foot, XD

Who is smarter?
Books? Me; Common sense: Him

Who does the laundry?
Combination, but I wish he’d learn to take the clothes out of the dryer when he’s finished 🙂

Who does the dishes?
Combination, but I usually pawn them off on him
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Haiku Friday and Fridge Friday – February 15, 2008

Valentine’s Day gone
The day of love spent with him
We talked and we laughed

Spent the day wishing
That the day would just end then
I wanted my theme

There is a new theme
Here at my lil’ lovely blog
Made by a mommy
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