Monday Madness

*whoo hoo*
I honestly hate Mondays, especially ones where I’m up by 7am. Oyy!!

Okay, only bad thing about this laptop: the battery life SUCKS!! It charges really freaking fast, but DAMN! It dies fast too. Fully charged last night when I went to bed (well, 75%) and now, after only an hour of use, it’s at 30%. Yeeps!!

It sure makes some funny sounds though, :lol:.

Oooh, the guy from The Mummy (the actual mummy) is a demon or whatever on Charmed (old episode since he has Prue). Weird. *giggles*

Now, what are my plans for today?
–> Install PSP XI and upgrade to X2 (already paid for, and finally found link for it)
–> Find CS2 CD and install *cross fingers that it works*, if not, I need to find a copy of ImageReady, if nothing else. I absolutely HATE using Animation Shop. I hate having to save each and every layer. Oyy! That gets boring and annoying.
–> Work on tags for yesterday and today. *giggles* I played all day yesterday with my new toy, instead of doing work. *eeps*
–> Find out if there’s anyway to make this damn trackpad less sensitive, :lol:. It keeps jumping me around while I’m typing.
–> Figure out how to get the webcam to work. Turns out Mom and Dad have one for their computer, and Megan might might have one as well for hers.
–> Figure out how, if possible, to network the computers, where I can print without having to have the old tower on. That poor thing just needs a damn break!!
–> Gah, I need to seriously do some laundry as well, and dishes. Icks!! I hate dishes!!
–> Import all my crap from MyBook to the hard drive on here. I’m still absolutely freaking amazed that this laptop has more space than the tower has with all the hard drives combined (C-40gig, D-40gig, I-160gig).

Anything else anyone can think of? Holy crap it’s insane my list of to-do’s!!

And turns out he’s not a demon. He’s a dark-lighter (aka Hell’s Angel)



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10 Responses to Monday Madness

  1. Leon

    Should’ve done more research before you bought that laptop.

    Leon’s last blog post..My thoughts on…Barack Obama’s appeal

  2. Sarah

    leon :: Considering all I’m doing with it at the time, I’m not surprised the battery doesn’t last forever. And I did do a lot of research. I’ve been researching laptops for 2 years. Trust me, I knew what I wanted, what I needed, and what I could afford. No laptop has a great battery life, when you’re running 4 to 6 programs at once. I’m happy with my laptop, and fortunately, I don’t have to worry about the battery since I’ve got an abundance of plugins that are available for my pleasure.

  3. Domestic Divapalooza

    I want one! I’m tried of being stuck at my desk. It would be nice to be able to move around a bit with a wireless card too!

    Domestic Divapalooza’s last blog post..You Are My Sunshine Part 3

  4. Sarah

    DD :: it’s awesome, the freedom I have, :lol:. Still ain’t getting much done, :lol:, but I can now seriously multi-task like I wasn’t able to before. πŸ™‚

    The best part? The laptop is cheaper than the tower we’re wanting to get, :lol:. Then again, it comes with a bigger monitor as well, but still, it’s amazing how cheap laptops are becoming.

    Ours has a built in wireless card. I think most do now. As long as the router is on, I can connect to anything I want with it, and anywhere as long as I’m in the area of it (whatever that max is, :lol:).

  5. Kirsten

    I already gave you my battery comments elsewhere. πŸ™‚ BUT Yeah, the built in wireless is nice. When mine is up and running I will take it in the truck with me if I have to run errands with Nate or F-I-L, and while they’re busy doing whatever it is that they do that bores me to tears, I’ll pull up the laptop and see what wireless signal I can hitch on to LOL

    Also? Public library with free wireless. Makes it nice to get out of the house and take a break.

  6. Sarah

    Kirsten :: It’s going to be nice when I go to my parents, because I’ll be able to pay bills, get mail, and all that good stuff, without having to use my parents computer πŸ™‚

    I doubt Topeka has anything like that. They’re so freaking cheap as it is, πŸ˜†

  7. Kirsten

    Oh, and once I get my laptop fixed? Next purchase is a Bamboo Fun πŸ™‚

  8. Sarah

    Kirsten :: I’d kill for even a cheapo tablet, πŸ˜› Josh is “considering” it for maybe next year, or something πŸ™‚

  9. Kirsten

    They might, cheap or not. Great Bend was the primo of cheap, and they had free wireless at the library. Here they have free wireless at the library that you can catch the signal for about halfway through the mall so I sat in a little coffee shop a few weeks ago and ate and played online while Nate & Harvey were looking for… something. *shrugs*

    Oh, and also, the Bamboo Funs aren’t that much… mebbe $100 if that. I’d like the next step up, but til I get used to it, the Fun will have to do LOL

  10. Sarah

    Kirsten :: I’ve never even been in the library here in Topeka. I know Holton doesn’t, at least didn’t the last time I was in. They might be too small, since they’re housed in a small house (2 bedroom, 1 bath size).

    Well, then it’s the same price as teh Intous, which is the one I’ve been looking into πŸ™‚