I’m curious on something.

  1. What kind of do you join?
  2. Do the matter?
  3. What kind of prizes do you prefer?

Just something I’ve been wondering on for awhile.


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2 responses to “Contests

  1. 1. When I enter a sims or dolling contest, I usually look for something that interests me, a little bit of a challenge, unique, quirky. For dolling contests….if its something a pagent, or the same damn challenge that 75% of all dollers who’ve held a contest have done or do amy brown fairies, etc., those are boring and overdone. So I aim for inspired by , and ones like Lazzi’s qwirky ideas. For sims, its the modeling contests that bore me to tears, so I’ll look for building, decoration of furniture recolors. That’s about as far as I go for contests, unless its something like just put in your name types

    2. Really depends. Some contests its just for the challenge of doing something. Sometimes it might the prize (even if its a participation one) that might be motivation enough.

    3. Again depends…. Sometimes just the custom loot as popular in the dolling circles is enough. Otherwise, something useful or something you’d like but can’t get yourself

  2. sawcat » I was actually talking about contests more in general, like the ones on blogs lately, but thanks for your input, since I plan on eventually having contests again, once I get a PC that’s reliable. 🙂