Daily Archives: 5 February, 2008


I’m curious on something.

  1. What kind of contests do you join?
  2. Do the prizes matter?
  3. What kind of prizes do you prefer?

Just something I’ve been wondering on for awhile.

Failed Goals

The biggest reason, but not the best excuse, for my failed goals is a failing computer.
I never realized how attached I am to my computer.
My current PC is currently a bit under the weather.
Router won’t work with it, but it’ll work with the Wii.
Graphics card is practically brand new (September of ’06, so still up to snuff), but doesn’t work with the computer.
XP randomly “dies”, along with 90% of the rest of the programs I run daily.
DVD and CD burners do not read any disks, no matter the type.

So, to remedy this, we’re getting new computers.
For the family, it’s a new tower, which we’re getting in a few months time.
First, though, is a laptop for me. Now I’ll be able to write whenever I have the urge, and not be hindered by the fact that I think at least two times faster than I can write. Now no more “What the heck does that say?” because I wrote it so fast and so sloppy.

So, for now, my writing is on hold until we get the laptop and I get my writing programs ported over to it.

Tuesday Business

Got tags for the TrailBlazer. It is now classified as a truck. We had the choice of car or truck. For $10 more, we got it as a truck, since we’ve got towing capabilities. Jackson County wouldn’t let us transfer the tags from the Sonoma to the TB because we still had it on hand grumble, so we had to pay for a whole new tag. $96.75 pro-rated until June.

We also got Madi’s Aristocats, Ethan a Thomas movie, and then we got all 3 Pirates movies. They’re coming off of mod, so we got them while we could.

I found a pale pink Sony Erricson phone, and man, it’s loverly!! My Future Phone
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