Wireless Networking Problems

Question/Problem: When I hook up my wireless router, my PC no longer connects, but the Wii can, without a problem

Operating System and VERSION: PC: Windows XP SP2, and then whatevers on the Wii

Web Browser and VERSION: Firefox for the PC, Opera for the Wii

Your level of experience: Seasoned with certain things, beginner with routers

Duration of problem: It’s been happening for awhile. My ISP (Cox) says it’s not them, but since I can connect with at least one internet-capable machine, I’m inclined to believe. It worked for awhile, but then stopped, and then would again, and then stopped again. We usually have to keep the router disconnected most of the time.

Any steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot? I’m not sure of which I can take. I’ve tried it with the router on, but the Wii off, and still have nothing. It’s already password-protected and all that good stuff.

I’m not sure if this info matters:
We’re not sure if it’s the computer (it’s slowly dying a painful death). We’re purchasing a laptop as soon as tax return comes in (should be by the end of the week), and we’re hoping that both of us can get on the computers at the same time. We’re purchasing a new tower in a few months (laptop is a priority, since I’m going to be going out of town, and still want to be in better contact than just phone with my husband).



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2 Responses to Wireless Networking Problems

  1. Probably need to check the settings for the router itself. Mine will do that sometimes too and it pisses me off to no end because I will be working on the desktop which is hard wired into the router but my tablet never has issues. It’s my router. Piece of crap and you wouldn’t think so considering its an RCA either. Most of the time though it will correct itself after a few minutes, other times I will restart the router a few times until it kicks in or just unplug the dang thing and then plug it back in.

  2. Sarah

    Blueyes ยป Ours is a Linksys Wireless-G, and had no problems with it before. We’re getting a laptop, as I said in the post, so we’re going to test it by hard-wiring it to the laptop, and seeing if we can still not connect, since there’s a really good chance its the Ethernet card on our tower, since everything else seems to be dying on it.