I don’t understand it

What is the deal with all the hate on the Giants. Every other blog I read, it’s saying that the Patriots were robbed and some related shit. It’s ridiculous.

The Giants played better. They worked as a team, and adjusted their game plan according to the Patriots and how they played. The Patriots? Same thing over and over.

It was an amazing game to play. The little cocky bastards walked-off with their tails between their legs. Their coach abandoned them. They were almost guaranteed a win, and they handed said win right to the Giants.

I’m not saying the Giants didn’t deserve that win, because trust me, they did. They gave the Patriots a run for the money in the last game of the season, and they did again in the Superbowl. They couldn’t get away with their head games in this game like they could the last.

So, Tom Shady and Bill Bellicheat, suck it up, go cry to mama, and learn for next year: CHEATERS NEVER WIN!



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2 Responses to I don’t understand it

  1. I knew if the Giants had another shot at it they’d get it right. The Patriots did NOT deserve to win and I don’t care how many people think so.

  2. Sarah

    blueyes ยป I completely and totally agree. I don’t give a flip about a perfect season. The Giants wanted it more, and they worked as a team.