Daily Archives: 1 February, 2008

Noteworthy – January 2008

Just some noteworthy posts, IMO, for January 2008.

  • Ethan’s first major punishment
    He so did not like that at ALL
  • Vote
    It was a post on who would better for me to vote for. Revisiting the post reminds me how much things have changed. I still would like to vote for Hilary, but I’m not thrilled with her ideas on health care any longer, at least not after hearing Obama’s plan. His isn’t about mandating it, but making it more accessible for those that can’t afford it. Plus, Hilary just kept skirting around how they would deal with those that still didn’t get insurance.
  • A Walk Down the Aisle
    The song I’m walking down the aisle to had been decided
  • Taking on Debt
    A logical and responsible look at debt. Posts like that make my daddy proud of me.
  • SVU Discussion
    It was talking about the episode of SVU where a 12 year old raped 4 kids, ranging from 10 to 12, and then used the defense of “it’s the media’s fault”.
  • Google Searches
    Not your standard “how did they find my site” but more of “what the heck was I thinking when I searched for that kind of post
  • Something Worth Checking Out (FREE)
    I joined MyPowerMall, as a way to try and earn some extra money.
  • Haiku Friday and Fridge Friday

    There’s that alcohol
    Sitting there all by itself
    No one to drink it

    The cookies begging
    to be cooked and eaten, yum
    Someone’s too lazy

    Speaking of lazy
    Little boy just lounges
    Just being lazy

    Random camera shot
    Accidentally taken
    There’s a nice mistake

    Floor kinda dirty
    Needs a good deep cleaning
    Someone else do it

    The scariest face
    Everyone hide from it
    It’s oh so scary

    Temps are oh so cold
    Kids just want to be outside
    Poor things are so bored

    Blocking out the cold
    Complex won’t do anything
    So annoyed with them

    Single pane windows
    Let in lots of winter winds
    Not much to stop them

    In need of windows
    Something warmer and thicker
    Anything really