Photo Hunt – January 26, 2007 – Old-Fashioned

Honestly, I think we own two things that could be considered old-fashioned. I mean I have my blankets, but those are buried away, :lol:.
But, here’s my picture:


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5 responses to “Photo Hunt – January 26, 2007 – Old-Fashioned

  1. cool catch for the theme… hope you’ll visit mine too…

  2. Nice one. old stuff you have. Happy weekend!

  3. pretty life online » I’ll definitely check yours out 🙂

    Utah Mommy » I make no claims to it. It’s my husband’s. I want newer furniture, :lol:.

  4. looks oldfashioned to me

  5. sarge charlie » I used to have better pictures, of barns falling down, but they’re on CD’s, as back-ups, and the PC isn’t reading CDs at the moment.