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Photo Hunt – January 26, 2007 – Old-Fashioned

Honestly, I think we own two things that could be considered old-fashioned. I mean I have my old baby blankets, but those are buried away, :lol:.
But, here’s my picture:

Showin’ Off On Saturday

I saw this post on Sarcastic Mom, and I couldn’t resist doing it. The theme is from Hawtolucion.

The goal is to take a picture of yourself in the outfit that makes you feel the best about yourself.

Just a little word of warning: I can never choose which shoes I’m going to wear, :lol:, so my shoes do not match

First, what I’m wearing for today:

White boatneck with basic jeans

Basic but give me no butt (not that I have much of one anyway)

I told you I can’t choose shoes. Do I want pink or purple?

Now, for feel-good outfits. Outfit #1 is my “summer” outfit, and outfit #2 is my “winter” outfit 🙂
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