Daily Archives: 25 January, 2008

Movie Related Survey

Cool Survey :)

Fridge Friday

I swear we’re not an alcoholic family. The alcohol at the bottom, we’ve had since, I don’t know, before Mark and Julie moved into their house. The beers and wine coolers are from Halloween, XD (okay, the opened one on the door is from a few days ago, so obviously I don’t drink much, XD).

And yes, I have a slight obsession with pre-made cookies. It’s not that I can’t do them myself, it’s that I don’t have enough space to do them, nor the right equipment. My stuff SUCKS, :lol:. I need a better mixer. Oh, and we’re having pork chops for dinner. That’s what the Tyson thing is below.

Haiku Friday: The Love and Bane of My Existance

This is my first attempt at this, so NO Laughing!!

Naked little girl
sitting on her auntie’s lap
just being herself
Sweet pecan sandies
You always taste so, so sweet
Why do you tempt me?
Sweet, lovely soda
Oh, such sugary goodness
Nectar to my mouth

So cheesy, but so fun!!