Daily Archives: 18 January, 2008

The Reader’s Opinion

Okay, I’ve got two pictures of me. They both show me the way I am:

This one, I think, has a more “sarcastic” look to it. Maybe it’s just me.

This one seems more open, more “I’m listening”.

So, which picture should I use? I’m using the second for my entrecard, and I’m using the first several other places. Honestly, I like both pictures. Yeah, there has been a bit of “photoshopping” done to them (skin smoothing, color adjustment), but nothing major. You’d recognize me on the street if you saw me, :lol:.

So, what’s your opinion?

Send with tracking

Okay, if you’re going to write an eight-thousand dollar check, you’d send it with some sort of tracking, right? Requiring a signature? I mean, come on, that’s common sense.

Obviously not. Our check from the bank is coming through regular postal mail. AND, if there’s a problem, WE have to pay $28 to get the check cancelled and get issued a new one. o.O

Oyye!! Use a little common sense, next time, PLEASE, because we’d have our check by now, and not waiting on the damn postal service anymore.