Daily Archives: 17 January, 2008

Google Searches

For once, this isn’t a post about how people find my site but the crazy things I search the internet for. Everyone has a few weird searches, so I figured, why not talk about mine.

hit by suspended driver Kansas insurance liability
I did the search when we found out Josh was hit by the chick with no insurance. Nothing really turned up, except that she shouldn’t have been on the road. Never said anything about removing liability, which pissed me off. If you drive without insurance, you’re liable, no matter what, but the same isn’t true with “invalid licenses”.

steampunk clothes
I keep hearing about this new trend in fashion or whatever, and I was curious. Turns out it’s a mixture of futuristic with medieval/Victorian. It’s actually a pretty interesting look. Not something I could pull off, but something I could see at a convention of some sort.

toilet training proverb
I think I was looking for it for a post on the potty training of Madison. Honestly, there’s not much. In fact, there weren’t any. It was kind of sad, and disappointing, but hey, worth a look!

light tan daisy seat cover
Totally found what I was looking for. I’d seen the design at Walmart, and wanted to see if they had the rest of the set somewhere. I so found it, and man, I think it’ll look awesome with the charcoal grey other interior and maroon exterior of the Trailblazer. Now, to get the dang thing!

March 11, 1974 George Lucas
Josh was watching Episode 3, and that (31174) was the floor, the stop, something, and Josh wanted to know the significance of it (all of Lucas’s numbers have some personal connection to him). Never did find out, and still dying to know.

So, do you ever have any weird, crazy, or off the wall searches?

Scratch That

Well, I was going to save today’s blog post until we got the truck and flood you with pictures of the pretty, but that idea is now screwed.

The check was supposed to arrive today. It was either sent by priority or express, and sent on Tuesday. No matter what, it should have arrived today. This is seriously ranking on me. We have the money, just no check to prove it. It’s figures that the reason we can semi-afford this car is the reason we can’t get it when we were supposed to.

I’m honestly hating the post office. Always, always, ALWAYS, our stuff doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to, and then they claim “sorry we missed you”, when the lazies didn’t even knock on the damn door. Josh informed me, though, that they can actually get hard-core busted for doing that, too. If you can prove you were home at the time (I think blog postings would count, or something similar), the carrier in question can get written up, because delivering is, you know, part of their job.