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I was watching Law & Order . The episode involved a fourteen-year-old boy who raped 3 girls, between the ages of ten and twelve, and one boy, aged ten. The boy was found “not guilty by reason of mental defect”, or something like that.

Honestly, Josh and I can say that we both agreed with the ruling. While we’re not condoning what the boy did, he was obviously confused and needed help. Sticking him in prison was not going to help him.

But what gets me was the blaming of the . Yes, there is a lot of sex in the but its the job of the parents to keep that away from their kids. Internet access should either be restricted or tracked (Josh and I are still working on how we want to work it with our kids). Television and DVD-viewing should also be restricted and monitored. FFS, Sony already has controls built into the PS2 when it comes to DVDs. It even sees Shrek as “adult material”. My kids love that movie, but they also don’t get the jokes. For now, the movies are good for them, and as they get older and start to understand more of the jokes, we’ll explain it to them, and you, know, TALK to them.

I’m tired of hearing the media being blamed for every thing a child/minor does, because the parents didn’t care enough, or take enough time, to invest in their child’s future. Just because you’re a lazy parent, doesn’t mean I, nor society, should have to pay for your laziness.


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5 responses to “SVU Discussion

  1. I completely agree… it’s always easier to blame “the other guy” before taking the time to look at one’s self and look at the changes they can make in order to make situations better. It’s ridiculous!

    I didn’t watch it, but wish I would have caught that one. The SVU series rock and I enjoy every episode when I catch one!

  2. The episode was amazing. At first, you thought the boy (who was raped) was being raped by the Rabbi, which I’m assuming was the idea, but wow, really made you think.

  3. I think it was a good episode and really made people think. I had a feeling the Rabbi had nothing to do with it though since I had seen the previews. It made me sad though when the boy victim asked why the Jury didn’t believe him.

  4. ANO » The part with the boy made me choke up. But I love what Elliot said. It was so poignant and perfect: “They believed you, but they believed him, too”. I’d hate to be on a jury with a case like that. On one hand, I’d want to see him locked away, but on the other, I’d want him to get help, legitimate help.

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