Daily Archives: 15 January, 2008

Ranting on the economy

The check for the truck, but now we’re finding out that $20 more than we were expecting is going to be coming out of the paycheck each month. Rents increasing to close to $800 a month starting in May, and there’s a huge chance Josh’s hours are going to severely get cut.

FUCK! I really don’t want to go back to work. Honestly, we can’t really afford for it to happen. I can’t seem to find any legitimate online jobs, that don’t require a landline, which is another bill we can’t really afford. That, and some of those require the PC to be in a separate room. Not exactly feasible in a 3-bedroom apartment, you know.

Now, I have no clue what we’re going to do! We need the vehicle. But we need power and gas and all that as well. I keep telling Josh to call the freaking power and gas companies about getting set on same amount payments each month, but he keeps going “I dont’ have time” yet he plays on the damn Playstation every time he’s home. No time? Get off the damn game that you don’t play, but just create players.

We’re not expecting a huge tax return, and shit, the money we are expecting, we already have plans for it. Madi’s gonna need a mattress, since we already have her bed. Ethan’s going to get her old one (because the crib version is just too big for his room), but he needs a new mattress. We need a new computer. There’s no getting around it. The CD/DVD drives no longer read burned, or non-burned CDs/DVDs, so we can’t play games, plus its doing a high-pitched scream every few days. It’s on it’s last leg, literally!

Josh isn’t due for another raise until November, and that’ll bump him to $21 an hour, but this is ridiculous. How can we not survive with him making $19 an hour?

I don’t do WoW

I’m sick and tired of getting the same damn comments, over and over, from the same damn IP:

I’m so sick of it, I’m just blacklisting the IP, so that I don’t have to see it in my Akismet review-thing.

For the record: I don’t give a flying flip about WoW. It’s not something that interests me!

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