Daily Archives: 13 January, 2008

Taking on debt

Sometimes, taking on debt is unavoidable.

When I was pregnant with Madi, my food intake doubled, as is expected. Unfortunately, Josh’s pay didn’t reflect that, as I had been practically starving myself prior to that, so he could eat for work. Since Florida didn’t consider a fetus as an actual child, we were denied any sort of assistance, besides WIC. WIC doesn’t cover much, and I’d go through that before the next month came around. So, we were forced to get a card. We’d already drained other resources, and we needed food.

We’ve actually been doing good with it. We’ve paid it off THREE times in 5 years. That’s pretty good, considering how hard we’ve struggled during those five years. Even if we pay it off again, we don’t plan on canceling it. It could risk damage to Josh’s credit rating. I like the rating. It’s right where it needs to be, and needs to stay that way!

Now, we’re taking on a car loan. Every paycheck, $76 will be taken out. We’re actually supposed to get a discount on it, since we’re doing it that way, which is a good thing for us. We’re getting a vehicle we love, and we’re getting it at a good deal. But, once again, we’re forced to take it on. But, it’s a debt we can handle, and one, while we hate having to pay it off, it’s one we’re willing to take.