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Close Caucus

I don’t give a flyin’ fig over the Republican results, though the fact that McCain came in fourth does give me some hope. If I’m stuck with a Repube, I want McCain. McCain had the guts no one else in the Repube party had: he said Bush was wrong, and walked away from him. That took guts, and class.

Anyway, to the Democrats:
Obama, Edwards, Clinton
Close freaking race!!

Honestly, I want Hilary, because I want Bill back. That would be the best option, IMO, but not everyone agrees. But, I’m happy to see that Obama is doing so well. Maybe Americans weren’t as stupid as I thought. Then again, the big election hasn’t occurred, so I could still be proven write that the rednecks of America are going to say “Obama? I didn’t see no Obama, I just saw Osama”, or something to that effect.

Okay, I don’t mean that seriously, but damn it, I see someone being that freaking stupid and saying something to that effect, no matter what.

Also, with Obama coming out ahead, it shows that America could actually be ready for a black president, and with Hilary doing so well, for a female president. That, or people are like Josh, with Hilary, and saying that they’re voting for Bill, not Hilary. Hell, we’d have a shot at gaining back some allies if we had Bill though. Like Josh said, “he might sleep with their wives, but he was one hell of an ambassador”

So, are you paying attention to politics? Me? I just caught the results, :lol:, because I was too busy watching University of Kansas (KU) kick the hell out of Virginia Tech. Sorry Hokies, but you got the beat down from a Jayhawk. Even with a quarterback who didn’t know how to slide, and left himself open for way too many injuries.

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