Ethan’s first major punishment

I had to punish Ethan, and I mean really punish him. He was just ripping things out of ’s hands (I’m babysitting for a few hours), and he wouldn’t listen when I told him to share, that it was ’s turn, and that he had plenty to play with. So, he got a time-out on the . It was punishment for him, because he couldn’t lay down, he couldn’t see the TV, and all that good stuff. Definitely worked for him.

I’m needing ideas for things to do, though, graphics wise. I can’t think of anything. I’m wanting to do a theme week, but the theme is already done, and will be overdone by Valentine’s Day. I’m definitely going to be doing a “Good Luck” week, the week before Ethan’s birthday (March 17th), and a “” theme week the week before Madison’s birthday (June 20th), but other than that, I have no idea what I’m going to do. HELP!!

Also, suggestions on themes, on , on , on ANYTHING graphic-wise would be most excellent.


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