Daily Archives: 1 January, 2008

Living Arrangements

No, Josh and I aren’t separating. Nothing drastic like that.
No, we’ve come to the mutual decision that we’re going to stay in the apartment one more year. We could try and find a house to rent, but honestly, I want our next move to be into something that’s ours. Something I can walk into Walmart, pick up a can of paint, throw said paint on a wall, and not have to worry about explaining it to anyone but Josh.

This year, we’re forced to buy the new vehicle. We’re going to be struggling to get the loan, as it is, because he’s only been with the post office for 6 months. Next year, it’ll be over 18 months, plus, he’ll be eligible for transfer, and he’s wanting to transfer to Topeka, anyway. At the end of this year, a lot of routes will either be eliminated, or they’re going to be drastically cutting hours, because they’re changing the way sorting will be done. No, not dealing with that in a “small” town like Lawrence. They have two stations. Topeka has at least 4 stations. Considering Josh’s dad is always saying how short-handed they are (he could work 60 hours, no problem, because the post office is currently on a hiring freeze, and only hiring temps -so not a job I’d want, anyway), he should easily be able to get in. He’s eligible for that in December (end of it).

So, we’re staying here, and using this tax return as “get stuff we need, and can’t put off”. What we’ll be purchasing:

–> mattress and bedding for Madison
She’s already got the frame and bed at Josh’s dad’s. It was Jamie’s old bed, and an exact match to the one I had when I was growing up in Indiana. We’re not sure what bedding she’s going to get yet, but it’ll be her birthday gift.

–> new tower (PC)
This one is running so much smoother than it was before Josh did another upgrade on the drivers (did it 3 days ago), but it’s still buggy and bogged down. It’s definitely time for an upgrade. We’ve got the PC picked out, and hopefully, it’s still available when we go to purchase the new one.

–> Memory foam mattress/cover for our bed
Our mattress is only 6-8 years old, and still in great condition, but it’s too firm for me and too “soft” for Josh. We both need something a little different. We don’t want the sleep-number beds because we’d be forced to sleep on opposite ends of the bed. Neither of us want to be forced. If we sleep on opposite sides, it’ll be at our own choosing.

Other than that, I’m not really sure. Most likely going to put a huge chunk of it into savings, like we’d planned, and did pretty damn well with, last year 🙂

Happy New Year

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I didn’t stay up until midnight. I crashed by 10pm. I had Nyquil, so I had an excuse, :lol:. Madi and Josh stayed up, though, 🙂