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Thursday Thirteen – Tax Return

Thirteen Things We’re Doing With Tax Return

  • Buy a laptop
    That’s one of the first purchases we’ll be making
  • Buy a desktop
    Another purchase we’ll be making
  • Pay on debts
    While the return doesn’t cover everything, it’s always a good idea 🙂
  • Buy bedding
    Madi’s going from toddler to twin bed, so we’ve gotta make a few purchases for that 🙂
  • Mattresses
    Or at least one for Madi and Ethan (he needs a new toddler/crib one)
  • Money into savings
    Just to make sure we have it if we need it. We’re actually doing pretty well and able to put some back each paycheck already 🙂
  • Stand Mixer
    Our current mixer SMOKES when we use it
  • Glasses and Contacts
    For moi, of course. Josh has agreed to at least the contacts. My glasses are fine, but contacts will help them last a little longer 🙂 That, and keep me more comfortable for other aspects of life, where glasses aren’t always feasible
  • More train sets for Ethan
    Ethan loves the GeoTracks and we love spoiling him with them
  • Disney movies that come out of the vault, or are re-released
    We’re buying them for us, and for the kids 🙂
  • Some cookbooks
    I’m tired of the patheticness that is LJ when it comes to asking for a recipe. So sue me if I didn’t know how to make lasagna, FFS, or mentioning that several recipes had freaking Bisquick in it.
  • TrailBlazer accessories
    Mostly things like extra floormats, and covers for the steering wheel, a couple of litter bags (double awesomely as puke bags, JIC)
  • The Sims 2: Teen Style stuff pack
    That won’t be purchased until after we buy the new desktop (this one won’t even play it, :lol:), but I’m dying for it, 😉

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Wordless Wednesday – January 30, 2008


I’ve got some kind of chest cold, topped with a sinus infection. So far, not taking anything for the symptoms. I can usually ride it out for a few days. They’ve gotten better since I left Indiana, and just aren’t as bad as they were, thankfully.

Members of Sigs ‘n More: I’m not really up to sitting at the computer for long periods of time. I get light-headed, and woozy, and my eyes go all funky, due to breathing difficulties (I’m fine, just a bit congested, but enough to cause purpling on extremities, :lol:). I’ll get started on them ASAP, but for now, it’s just a goal of staying warm (temp drops, AGAIN), and feeling better 🙂


Hair has highlights, and a bit of a touch-up

Pictures to follow-up later. I’m heading to bed, courtesy of a migraine 🙁

Photo Hunt – January 26, 2007 – Old-Fashioned

Honestly, I think we own two things that could be considered old-fashioned. I mean I have my old baby blankets, but those are buried away, :lol:.
But, here’s my picture: