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What did you accomplish? <em>Tree is up and completely finished. Got estimate on truck from . Add to plan ($30K for $10 a month). Figured out a way of adding the PC into the .</em> Did anything not go as expected? <em>Well, Josh had a wreck.</em> What was the highlight of your week? <em>We found the perfect outfit for the kids' pictures next Sunday</em> Did anything exciting happen you did not expect? <em>Nope, not really, :lol:.</em>

1. Katy, of I’m Blogging That
2. Mindy, of I’m So Blogging That
3. Krissy, of Arbitrary Elucidation
4. Kimi, of Kimicatt’s Kreations
5. Manda, of Coffee -n- Wisdom


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7 responses to “I was tagged

  1. I haven’t even thought about our tree yet. It is something I really should do soon huh. Oh No I hope Josh is ok. I love it when I find the perfect outfits. With mine all different ages sometimes it hard to get everything to match.

    And Thanks:)

  2. I’ve given up on trying to get everyone to match-match, so I just pick a color scheme, and this year it was brown and cream/white. Madi’s got these adorable white pants (sailor style, actually), and a tank with a mesh over-shirt. So cute, and not “sleezy” like the dresses I was finding in her size o.O. Ethan’s wearing green corduroys, a brown checked shirt, and a brown and cream sweater vest. No clue about Josh and I just yet. Josh has some green slacks that match Ethan, and a beautiful green suede-like shirt that would work, or his “Indiana Jones” shirt, since it’s cream. Me, I need at least a new top. My brown stuff isn’t appropriate for the pictures (brown tube top, cute, but not quite right, ROFL).

    You’re welcome 🙂

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  4. My goodness sweetie, I hope that Josh is ok. The pictures sound like they will be beautiful, I hope that you post them when you get them 🙂 Have a good weekend sweetie.

  5. Josh is actually doing great. He’s pissed about the truck, but satisfied knowing it’s going to a good home.

    The test shots should be getting put up tomorrow. I did a couple in front of the tree, just in case teh ones we get done next week won’t be done in time for the Christmas cards 🙂

  6. Lol I was going through the same problem trying to match everyone! It’s impossible… I have all my insurance through state farm as well. I find they had the lowest rates. Hope you enjoy your weekend (hugs)

  7. Matching is HARD. That’s the reason I now just choose the color combo or something. So much easier, :lol:.

    State Farm rocks. I’m loving it even more, since we finally moved it to our “new” address, and now have a 10% discount on it. Even if our rates increase because of the accident, we won’t really notice it, XD.