Perfume Scents

I’m such a sucker for perfumes. My mom got me hooked on Cool Water nearly 10 years ago (holy crap, I was 16 10 years ago? *dies*). Anways, I absolutely adore the scent. It’s cool, and reminds me of the beach, and so totally me. Great news is that we can get it pretty cheap at Walmart, but I’m dying to find a gift set like this though of it. Maybe this holiday season will be my ticket to a nice long supply of Cool Water. Mom got me that same gift pack and it last nearly 7 years (ran out because I started dating, *giggles*). If I can’t get Cool Water, I want the new Sean John scent: UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN by Sean John by Sean John WOMEN. I got to smell it in an issue of Cosmo, and DAMN! That stuff smelled absolutely amazing. Flowery, feminine, yet sexy. *drool*

So, what’s your favorite scent? Either for yourself or for a guy?



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2 Responses to Perfume Scents

  1. CFB

    my fav scent is Glow by J-Lo. I also got a sample in the mail of Gwen Stephani’s new scent Lamb and its good too. Mark loves the smell of lavender on me. Its ok, but Glow is my fav.

  2. Sarah

    Lavender, on a person, makes me gag. I have no idea why, but it does. It’s just a nasty, nasty smell. It’s awesome in candles, but that’s it, XD