Migraines and Insomnia

I see you there, staring, waiting for me to update. I swear, you’re stalking me, aren’t you?! Come on, give me a break. Am I not allowed to have a day where the world just seems to fall apart and I’m in pain? Well, yesterday was that day, okay?

Yesterday, and the past couple weeks, I hadn’t been sleeping well. When you’re only getting a few hours of sleep, it starts to take a toll on your body. Insomnia is a fickle bitch, I’m telling you. Anyways, in the lack of sleep, my body rebelled and gave me one hell of a migraine. I still have minor remnants of it, but I took before bed, and slept right through the night. Okay, I woke up a couple times because of a stomach, because of Buffalo on from (along with a , and I’m slightly lactose intolerant).

Today is such a much better day! I’m awake and raring to do stuff. I’ve got to do today’s tags for my lovely members. I did yesterday’s Thursday night and sent them then, because I had a gut-feeling that something was going to cause problems yesterday. Like I said, still some residual ( and half-, normal with aura , which is what I have … and the reason I’m not supposed to be on ), so I’ll work slowly, so as to not over-exert. Last thing I need is to completely wipe myself out.


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