Nope, haven’t bought anything, but I did find stuff I want, XD
Everything can be found at the NFL Shop, :football:

Pink shirt, with Colts. Plus, sexy-cut. How can I resist?

Chilly nights, watching the game, but too lazy to turn up the heat? Perfect!!

If you’ve got a perfect ass, you can pull it off (and I was told I do, XD)

This is too perfect!! I can finally have my Hubby’s name on my back, XD

< a href="">
Hey! I’m a girl! Of course I can’t choose just one. I’m partial to the pink-y-ness, though, :lol:.

Who can say they’re a SAHM without owning a pair of comfy pants like that? Hello? And ones that support my Colts? Hell freaking YES!!

I’m trying to find similar shoes for everyday use, but I’m having difficulties, :lol:. I doubt I could convince Josh to spend 65-or-so-bucks for a pair of shoes, XD

Hot shirts. Hot team. Hot yes!

Yeah, I like sweatshirt-styled jackets, XD. May not be flattering, but damn, they’re usually warm πŸ™‚

This shirt is just HOT!! I would kill for it.

Don’t even think of asking how much this is, XD. Josh would KILL me if I even hinted that I wanted it, :lol:.


2 responses to “Shop-a-holic

  1. Wow.. do you perhaps have an obssesion with Colts? LoL. Cute stuff!

  2. πŸ˜†
    I adore the Colts. They are my team, XD