Daily Archives: 28 August, 2007

Oh this is ridiculous

Looks like we’re most likely cancelling digital.
Not because we can’t afford it.
Not because we don’t like it.
But because we’ve had a working box a WEEK, and it’s been out-out 3 times already, twice now for over 24 hours.

That, and when the tech came last week (Monday), to replace the box? They CHARGED us for the box. Though we have the quality assurance plan, though the tech SAW that it was stuck on the loading process. Saw that it wasn’t a problem with our set-up. $34 to say that we needed a new box. WTF? I would have hooked it up myself, FFS, but he had to do it, to make sure it wasn’t a problem with our lines (another thing we CAN’T be charged for because of the quality assurance plan). This is getting fucking RIDICULOUS!!

EDIT: 7:28pm
We’ve got a Cox person, PLUS a supervisor coming out tomorrow between 3 and 5pm.
That, and they credited the account for the billing that shouldn’t of occurred, AND the tech on the phone made a notation on the account NOT to charge for the visit tomorrow.

Josh is actually happy that I told him to give Cox one more shot. They surprised even me, XD