Daily Archives: 23 August, 2007

Seriously Fed Up

I have no idea if it’s just me, but I’m tired of getting the same freaking e-mails from the same freaking people, 3-4 times a day. I’m seriously considering leaving all of my advertising groups, and just keeping the members I’ve got. The same few people constantly spam the advertising groups, with identical e-mails, constantly. Even if several people go “Stop, you’re killing your own business”, they conveniently ignore them. That, or they’re sitting on “no mail” or “special notices” so that they don’t get copies of their own e-mails. FFS, STOP!!

I paid for a lifetime membership to one of these sites, and 6 months later, she deletes me “because I’m not listed”. Hello, I filled out EVERYTHING I had to. You keep advertising, yet you never update with new stuff. You constantly delete current members because YOU don’t receive the e-mails from them that YOU request monthly.

Another one “couldn’t keep up with updates”, so she sold half her site, then 3 months or so later, opened up another, and I can tell that she’s going the same route, because someone in her family is constantly sick. I get migraines, yes, but I let my members know ASAP, and then I make sure they get what they ordered. Three times someone in her family has gotten sick, and I’ve placed an order (before the notice was sent out), and when she goes “all orders are filled”, I, of course, never got mine, nor a response to my repeated request. *grumble*

Memories, Indiana, Cox, Facebook

Josh cried a little last night. He was thinking of how much Ethan’s learning and the fact that his mom is missing it all. Just thinking of it is making me tear up. Ethan’s learning so much, and so fast, and it kills me to know that Kathy will never see it. It kills me to know that Ethan will never know his grandmother. It kills me to know that Madison is slowly forgetting her, no matter how much we try and keep the memory alive. It really makes me happy knowing that I’m doing everything in my power, though, to keep the memory alive, and to help my family through this.

The one year anniversary is coming up, and honestly, I’m supposed to be in Indiana during that time. I want to go to visit my family, but Madi is doing so much damage to her room that I’m worried about her doing the same to my parents house. They’ve spent so much remodeling their house and I’d feel so guilty if my daughter destroyed that.

Speaking of destroyed. Once again, we’ve got a Cox tech coming out tomorrow. Digitial is out. grumble We can’t even turn off the damn box now. 😛 Stupid Cox. Good news comes out of this: the guy on the phone, without me asking, credited our account for ALL of the cable (including basic) since Monday. That completely made the set-up for digital FREE!! sweet So totally makes it worth it. What’s hilarious though? The guy was going to call me back because the box hadn’t reset itself yet, and right after we got the number to call all cleared up, the dang thing did what it was supposed to (still out, but the box was finally back online, XD). Figures, right?

Man, I’ve slightly gone nuts on FaceBook. I’ve added a lot of new features to it. I’m liking it much more than MySpace, just because the spam artists are more readily blocked by FaceBook’s servers 🙂 sweet