Madison might be starting preschool in the fall. There’s a preschool-daycare combo right down the road (literally), and they’ve started enrollment. Monday, if Josh is still off, we’re going to go up and check it out.

They’ve got two classes:

So, for two and a half hours, I get some with just Ethan and me. We’re hoping this will be the break we need with on the potty-training. We’ll see, XD.

Josh keeps hinting that I should see if they need help. O.o Yes, I want to be a teacher, always been a dream, but not for preschoolers. Oh hell no. I’d rather be something over the age of 5, thank you. I can barely handle my and , let alone someone else’s. O.o He just doesn’t seem to get that, for some reason.


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2 responses to “Preschool

  1. Preschool scares me. I hate being away from Zadey more than an hour that I sure don’t think I can break away for a few hours everyday. I suppose we all have to “cut the cord” at some point. But, Joanne and I were just talking about home schooling and I think it’s a real possiblity. I’d much rather do that then send her into the Las Vegas public school system.

  2. Josh and I have been seriously discussing homeschooling as well. If we were living near my parents, I would have no problem sending her to public school. The schools in Evansville are great. The schools in Kansas? No way in hell.

    The elementary school is right on a busy road, with no sidewalks, and the playground is DOWNHILL from the road. The middle school Josh and his siblings went to: no windows O.o There are like TWO in the whole building.

    The preschool, though, as long as it looks good, and the teachers are nice, Madi should be fine. I could walk to it, that’s how close it is, and I think that’s the only reason I’m saying yes to her going, XD