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For Sale: One Blog

No, I’m not the one holding the sale, XD

Domain: TheBloggingMom.com
Link to Sale: The Blogging Mom is for sale


  • Domain name: good until July 2008, registered with GoDaddy
  • Hosting: through KreativeHostingSolutions.com, free for first year, and only $3 each month after that
  • Gorgeous theme: come on!! That theme is GORGEOUS!!

Installed Plugins:

  • Akismet: one of the best spam blockers available
  • DoFollow: basically “link love” and growing in popularity with bloggers
  • Simple Tags: helps increase site visitation 🙂
  • WP-ContactForm: receive e-mails without having to put your e-mail on your site

There’s more!!
Header can be customized to look like you FREE and even have your own personal tagline added.

Come on, and check it out!!

Hey, if I had the money, I’d buy it, XD

Digi Scrapping

I’m going to be starting to digi-scrap. Why? Because I need something to help boost my creativity. Something to keep me motivated to do things, XD.

So, are you a digi-scrapper? Know of places where I can get free or cheap sets? Come on, come out of the woodwork!!

Oh, and blame Katy for it all. It’s all her fault, I swear!

WAHM Income

Anyone know of a reliable place for actual income for moms who want to be work-at-home-moms?
Ones that pay preferably through PayPal and don’t require a phone (I’m leery of giving out my cell number, and we don’t have landlines).


Can I go back to bed?

Gah! I hate waking up early! I’ve been up since about 7:30 this morning. That’s too freaking early to be awake, XD

So, how are you doing today? Any big plans?

Josh is working today, starting at 8am. He worked from 7:45am to 6:15, with a so-called half-hour lunch, yesterday. O.o Poor guy was exhausted. Who wouldn’t be? I’m exhausted, just thinking of it.

Wanna hear something that sucks about the post office? They offer the no-lunch program. What do they do instead? They give you an extra half-hour of work O.o That’s INSANE! You figure no-lunch program would mean they could shave off some time, by having the carrier work through their lunch. Nope, doesn’t work that way O.o The things the government can get away with, but not other places.

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