Some Letters

Dear of My Life,
Thank you for supporting me on my endeavor to stay up for a good cause. I really appreciate the faith and love that you have in me. But, maybe, next year, I can have a with a built-in ? Please?

Your Wife

Dear of Mine,
Please be nice tomorrow. is going to be extremely moody and irritable. Besides having no sleep, she’s also going to be going on a new type of birth control, and we all know how that makes her. Remember that she loves you, no matter how she can get at you. Always remember that. Trust me, she will get nicer, XD.

Your Mommy

Dear Body,
For god sakes, stop thinking something is crawling up your damn arm. It’s lack of sleep, you dope. There’s NOTHING on your arm. You’ve checked it every 30 seconds, right before you checked to see if the time changed.

Your Brain

Dear Father Time,
Can we push it along please? Some of us would dearly love some sleep. What’s the harm?

The Exhausted


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