Daily Archives: 28 July, 2007

Just more reading

I’ve read 62 pages since my last post. That’s 62 pages in about a half-hour, which is about a page a minute. Is that fast?

Several songs have played, XD, I’m assuming, but I sure couldn’t tell you which ones they were, XD. A good portion were contemporary Christian, though.

Something I’m finding sad: there are people who signed up for Blogathon, got donations, and haven’t posted, and they’re listed on Schedule A. WTH? That’s sad and pathetic, IMO. If you’re going to support a cause, freaking SUPPORT it already. Get off your duff and do what you promised to do.

REMEMBER: EIGHT HOURS TO GO!! Come on, we can do it!!

This is funny!!

I’m reading a romance novel (Minute By Minute by Jo Leigh), and I’m listening to “She Hates Me” by Puddle of Mudd, XD. And what’s more funny? Contemporary Christian/Gospel followed after, :lol:. The weird combos that make your day, right?

So, we’ve got 8 1/2 hours folks. Whats’ we gonna do with all that spare time?

Me? I’m gonna read. I just bought 10 books for $30 (3 bundles of 3, and one singlet) so I’ve got plenty to read, :lol:.


I’m trying to buy some eBooks from eHarlequin, and they keep saying I need to activate Microsoft Reader. O.o Um, already have. *grumble* Oh well, 7 books for less than $30, yeah, I’ll reactivate, XD

So, what’s new on your list today?

That Was Refreshing

I got a shower. That had to be the fastest shower in history: 5 minutes!! I even shaved my pits!! Then again, I did that yesterday, so there wasn’t much to do.

The PC had to be restarted as well. Second restart today O.o Damn thing is getting bogged down, yet Josh doesn’t believe that we need a new one, :lol:.

So, how are you fairing so far?


*takes a break for one*

Remember when you were younger and you could stay up at least 24 hours? Remember that you could sleep a couple hours after that and be raring to go for the rest of the next day?

What the hell happened? When did I get old? I want to be young again!! Ethan’s currently playing in his room, and it’s 10pm. And he’s usually up by 10am, and he most likely won’t be asleep until 11 or midnight, and still be wide awake.

Damn!! That was one hell of a run-on sentence. See!! I’m so tired my grammar sucks!! God bless auto-spell check on Firefox or god knows how I’d be spelling, XD

No matter how tired I am, I’ve got 3 ideas for next year: transplant-related, for Jamie and Mark, kidney-related for Jamie, or colitis-related for Kathy. I think that one will be the hardest for me to do, but I think it would be a good one. Any of them could have stories about the ones who were affected by any of them, which will give me motivation to continue on, XD.

And, no, I’m not saying I’m not supporting Helping Hands. Trust me, if I had a dog, I would have been finding a way of doing cell-blogging, because they were holding a Dog Wash today. Like I said, if I had a dog, XD. That’s where Helping Hands comes into play for us. One of our two dogs will be coming from there (the other from Linda, for the wolf-malamute mix), along with any kitties we get, :).