Daily Archives: 26 July, 2007

Well, that bites!!

Josh doesn’t have Saturday off anymore. *grumble* He’s still working Sunday, as well. He’s still off on Wednesday for now. So, instead of grocery shopping on Saturday, the kids and I are going to meet him at his old store. We’re also going to see if Sam’s has time to change his tires. He’s happy though. He just pre-ordered the Drizzt pack. He’s happy 🙂

Okay, new subject:

2 things:

1. Lindsey Lohan: the girl needs to stop making fucking excuses, stop leaving the rehab, and stop driving. Stop the drugs. Stop the drinking. She needs to seriously just grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

2. Michael Vick: I don’t think the guy should go to jail if they can prove he spent a majority of the time in his Georgia home, but he seriously needs to give up those that were the ones living in his house. He also needs to force those idiots/bastards to give up the others involved. The cruelty just needs to stop!

Mmm, coffee


I love getting and receiving free samples of things. If I like it, I’m more than willing to buy more. I’ve been dying to try Folger’s new Gourmet Selections, and now I get the chance, without the chance of regretting the decision and being stuck with coffee I don’t like. The flavor I chose was Vanilla Biscotti. Come on, the Starbuck’s nut had better enjoy that, XD.

Saturday, Josh is off, so I might end up doing a post or two late, because we are in serious need of groceries, XD. In all honesty, putting food in my kidlets belly takes precedent over Blogathon. Don’t worry, I’ll still have my 49 posts, but god, Sunday, I’m gonna be EXHAUSTED!! Josh has to be in at 8:45am for Express deliveries. He’s also supposed to have Wednesday off. No idea why they gave it to him off, but it works for me XD