Daily Archives: 25 July, 2007

Just shoot me now

Okay, I absolutely adore … Okay, no I love this theme … but gah. I’m bored already. I want a new one. I want something different. I want something bright and popping.

Gah. What the hell is the deal with me and wanting new looks every 30 seconds. This surpasses ADHD, XD. This surpasses everything I’ve ever seen. *grumble* This is ridiculous. Please, save me from me!

Explain men, please

Okay, you know I’m having problems convincing Josh to spend a bit extra on a newer vehicle, right?

Why is it that he won’t spend extra on that, but willing to spend $1K on a laptop, which will also be primarily used by me (as would the new vehicle)?

Here’s the one I found while we were at Sams: Compaq Presario 1.8GHz, 120GB HD, 15.4″ LCD

Nope, not good enough for Josh. He wants to get this one: HP Pavilion Notebook 1.7GHz, 160GB HD, 17″ LCD

Working on Josh

That sounds dirty, but I mean it in a good way!!

I’m trying to convince him that if we spend a bit more than what he’d like on the next car now, we’ll save in the long run. He’s thinking of going to a 98/99 something or other, to stay under 10K in the amount we’d be spending O.o Um, NO! We’ve got a 93 truck and a 94 car. Neither are running that great. The suspension on the truck is so fucked up we’re buying tires once a year … always for the damn front! *grumble* The car is just running like crap and is TINY!! to have something newer than a 2000 for his 10K budget, we’d have to get another freaking CAR. I don’t want a car! I want my freaking SUV back. Yeah, I’m fucking spoiled in that aspect. I miss the Jimmy! I miss the Blazer. hell, the Blazer wasn’t that bad, even though it only had two doors. Shit, at least we had some cargo space. I hate having to pile groceries in the back with the kids. They get into them.


Things Little Ones Pick Up

I just listened to “I’ve Been Watching You” by Rodney Atkins. It really makes you think about what little ones pick up from you, as the parents, and as society.

Kids nowadays are growing up so fast. I mean, shoot, look at me. I’m almost 26 (Dec), and I just started dying my hair, I have no tattoos, and no funky piercings. Now, my sister will be 18 in September. She’s already got a belly button piercing, and last I heard, plans for a tat. O.o

It’s not always a bad thing though. The more they pick up, the more they learn. The more they learn, the stronger they’ll be.

Remember, folks, more than just society is watching. Little ones pick up on everything, and I mean everything. Madi cussed for the first time at 9 months. Every once in awhile, both of them will go “Oh shit” when something happens, XD. They pick up things, FAST!!

And for those non-country fans, here’s the video. Then, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.