Daily Archives: 18 July, 2007


I feel like shit. Absolute shit. 🙁 It fucking sucks. I’ve had headaches for the past week, and 2 of them have turned into migraines. *grumble* It fucking HURTS. The heat is killing me, but the AC is making the migraines worse. WTF?!? Body, get a grip.

Well, I’m off to play my Sims. Josh got me H&M stuff yesterday. There’s actually some really cute stuff, and yeah, stuff I actually own similar versions of, XD.

And the avatar I’m using: On Tuesday, I should have the book. I ordered it from B&N, got a lovely discount (member’s only discount), and am having it shipped, XD. My ass ain’t going anywhere near a bookstore, XD. Plus, Sunday, Julie and I should be going to see Book 5, XD.