Daily Archives: 13 July, 2007

I’m an Embarrassment

Yeah, that’s me. No, it’s not in a bad way. Basically, I’ve got a habit of putting my foot in my mouth, or sounding extremely dorky, XD.
I’m proud of my dorkiness, but even the kids join Josh in the shaking of heads, sometimes.
An example:
We’re walking through Walmart. We pass the New Music display, and I see the new video by Kimberly Locke. I said “Hey, that’s the video she was doing during Celebrity Fit Club”. Josh goes, “Yes it is” like I’m a moron, XD. I got a few giggles from Frances and Amber, but man, I did embarrass myself there a bit. Hey, at least it wasn’t for letting one rip or something, XD.

Oh, another way I embarrass myself: to cheer myself up over the fact that Mark and Julie are leaving us *sniffle* I downloaded 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, and N’SYNC, XD. Pathetic right?

Just remember, never shop with me if there’s computer programs or components available. Yeah, I literally start to drool. Lately, though, it’s been at certain vehicles (ones we’re looking at), and household appliances (fridge, stove, washer/dryer, etc). How pathetic is that?

Speaking of cars, Josh and I both are going nuts for the Toyota 4Runner. Kana, a friend of ours from Hawaii that we met in Florida, and his then girlfriend had one, and DAMN, that thing was COMFY, and fit two large dogs in the back with plenty of room, so definitely enough room for us. XD Even brand new, the price is something we could live with. Josh like the engine: 4.0-Liter V6. I liked it because it was a perfect size, and is pretty freaking close to what I want in an SUV for the price we’re willing to pay 🙂

Sad but Happy

Today, my friends, Julie and Mark, signed on their house. They’re moving in ASAP. That means I’m losing my neighbor. I’m losing a friend nearby. I’m losing one of my sanity leashes. 🙁

Julie, girl, you better call (or text, since we’ve got that set up now, XD).
Mark, you better cheer up, dude, seriously, XD.

Josh and I both love you guys. You both are like siblings to me, and I’m so glad we got to be neighbors, as well as friends. I hope the move doesn’t mean we see less of each other.

Love you!!

Yeah, I’m literally sniffling and tearing up, :lol:.

I’s in need of food

XD Great title, huh? It’s exactly how I feel. I need to eat something, but what I’ve got in the apartment, I don’t want to eat. I gave Josh my only cash (in case he needs it for the route), and man, I’m HUNGRY. I cannot wait until moolah goes through, XD. We expressed it this morning, so it should (guaranteed) be there tomorrow. Hopefully that means it’ll go through on Monday, but we’ll see. Tuesday should be the latest. Damn big checks too, XD. Thank freaking GOD for his new job.

Madi is driving me nuts. She’s constantly whining, constantly freaking out if Ethan’s in her room, and constantly not behaving. WTF? She’s already past the Terrible Twos. She’s FOUR, damn it. She shouldn’t be like this. *grumble* I wish she’d fucking potty-train already, so I can get a break (pre-K). Nope, not gonna happen anytime soon. I hate hearing “she’ll do it in her own time”. She’s FOUR!! It’s not that hard of a concept. She knows what to do. She knows when to do it (we’ve “caught” her doing it a few times, by herself). She just won’t. :grr: Anyone want her? I’m giving her away for free.