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Speaking of Cars


Just talked to Josh. He wants me to check out the prices of a smaller engined Tahoe, XD. That I can do. He also wants me to check out Nissan, Toyota, GMC, and Honda equivalents. The latest year we’d most likely be purchasing would be a 2005, so the prices might give us a good idea.

Got any suggestions?

Checked out

  • Toyota 4Runner – we both liked the price: 32,590 (or close to that)
  • Toyota Highlander – I liked the size, Josh liked the engine, but neither liked the price ($39K)


I’m gonna be switching pills at the end of this pack. I’m going from OTC-lo to Ortho-Cyclen. From a triphasic to a monophasic. The reason is simple: migraines during the first few days on the “sugar” pills and the first week on the active pills. With monophasic, I’m guaranteed to be able to skip my periods (I’ve done it repeatedly with Alesse). Hopefully this’ll help. The nurse at the health department was a bit nervous on giving me pills period (any type of hormonal treatment), because of the migraines, but she gave me a month supply. Not looking forward to going back in a month, but it’ll be worth it. She was worried because migraines with the pills can be a possible pre-cursor to strokes. Since I’ve had all that testing (part and parcel to having been on the meds I was on when I was younger and the suicide attempt), the migraines are a big part of the stress that my brain and body can’t handle (stress migraines SUCK).

Speaking of that time of the month, I cannot wait until we get the official paperwork filled out for common law. The insurance Josh is getting is amazing. It covers all that we need it to cover: my TMJ surgery to fix my jaw and the braces that’ll be needed afterwards (wisdom teeth removal, and possible removal of a few molars), and it doesn’t count “pre-existing conditions”. There’s a co-pay with it, but DAMN, for not counting “pre-existing”, I’m all for it, XD.


Sorry, I cannot resist!! Julie and I are attempting to make plans to go see this movie. She’s doing everything in her power to avoid even previews, XD. Those don’t bother me, but I have removed the Harry Potter community from my Friends List on LJ for the time being, just to keep myself from being overly spoiled, XD.

Future Vehicle

While this vehicle isn’t what we’re requiring, it’s definitely what we’re looking at:

Amber Bronze Metallic
Light Cashmere/ Ebony Custom Leather-appointed
Colors & Options:

Total MSRP*:

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