I’m Taking Part


This year, my very first year, I’m taking part in 2007. Josh is already supportive in the idea. I might steal Laci’s idea, and do some posts as video . I gotta figure out how to work it out with the camera (Josh’s, not mine, XD).

My , chosen by me, is Helping Hands Humane Society. I pass by the shelter every time we go to Mark’s . When we get a house, this is the first place we’re looking for our newest , XD, which will most likely be a cat.

If you’d like to sponsor me/the , click the image below:

Top Donator: 1 month with Sigs ‘n More
All other Donators: 5 free tags

If you want to chat with me, I’ll be on chats:
AIM: mindheartpeace, smidnightfantasy, prncss12881, perfectdreams16
ICQ: 483081789
MSN: sarahsmfantasy@hotmail.com, sarahmfantasy@hotmail.com, perfect_dreams16@hotmail.com
YIM: perfect_dreams16
Jabber: sarahsmf21@livejournal.com

Remember, this isn’t for me! It’s for the animals. I literally never see a dime of the money.

I should also add, that if you don’t want to sign up, I can do a proxy donation, so please, help out a very good cause!!

Laci – thank you, hun!! I really appreciate it!!
Devilish Girl – thank you so much. I have no idea who you are, but I really appreciate it 🙂


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5 responses to “I’m Taking Part

  1. Good luck! I thought about volunteering to be a monitor but my “official” approval hasn’t come in yet for the forum for me to offer up some services! LOL

  2. It takes a bit for the approvals to come through, so don’t give up 🙂

  3. Me too Me too!! Check out my Blogathon Blog!!

  4. I am too!! Check out my blogathon blog!!
    Are you doing the regular schedule or the B-schedule? We can chat on MSN if you are doing the regular one!

  5. I’m on the regular schedule, 🙂

    MSN: sarahsmfantasyAThotmailDOTcom