Daily Archives: 7 July, 2007

Cox sucks again

Once again, Cox has a major flaw: it’s seeing my e-mails as spam, and are therefore blocking me from sending e-mail O.o
WTF? Okay, if someone’s spamming my account, I can’t do jackshit about it.
They’re blocking each and every one of my accounts O.o That doesn’t even make a hill of sense.
I can receive, but not send.

Fuck off, Cox!


“There are days when I feel the best of me is ready to begin.”
— Jaci Velasquez
That completely and totally sums up how I feel today. I’ve got so many ideas for what I want to do. So many ideas for who I want to be. So many ideas for so many things. I feel it bursting at the seams, ready to be released. But I also feel something holding me back. Something pushing it all back in and stitching it back up. Something that doesn’t want me to be me, who I am, how I am.

It’s an extremely uncomfortable feeling. I feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes. Days seems to get harder and harder. I’m stressed beyond all belief. Someone help me ESCAPE.

Josh is calling now to find out what verification we have to have to prove we’re common law 🙂 Yeah, that’s right, we’re officially saying we’re permanent, XD. That’s actually one less thing on my mind, to tell you the truth.

I’m Taking Part


This year, my very first year, I’m taking part in Blogathon 2007. Josh is already supportive in the idea. I might steal Laci’s idea, and do some posts as video blogs. I gotta figure out how to work it out with the camera (Josh’s, not mine, XD).

My charity, chosen by me, is Helping Hands Humane Society. I pass by the shelter every time we go to Mark’s Walmart. When we get a house, this is the first place we’re looking for our newest housemate, XD, which will most likely be a cat.

If you’d like to sponsor me/the blog, click the image below:

Top Donator: 1 month with Sigs ‘n More
All other Donators: 5 free tags

If you want to chat with me, I’ll be on chats:
AIM: mindheartpeace, smidnightfantasy, prncss12881, perfectdreams16
ICQ: 483081789
MSN: sarahsmfantasy@hotmail.com, sarahmfantasy@hotmail.com, perfect_dreams16@hotmail.com
YIM: perfect_dreams16
Jabber: sarahsmf21@livejournal.com

Remember, this isn’t for me! It’s for the animals. I literally never see a dime of the money.

I should also add, that if you don’t want to sign up, I can do a proxy donation, so please, help out a very good cause!! Continue reading