Daily Archives: 5 July, 2007

Damn Drivers

I hate those that drive the damn speed limit. I know, I know. I should follow that law, but *gah* its so damn slow sometimes and I just want to get where I’m going and come back home.

I ended up doing seventy in a fifty-five. Thank god there wasn’t a cop nearby, or I’d be in a shit-load of trouble, XD.

I got home safe and sound, in case anyone cares (obviously I did). So did Ethan, who went with me. 🙂

Busy-ness, XD

I’ve got a lot to do today:

  1. Clean the crockpot
  2. Make a pitcher of tea
  3. Go to Walmart (with kids, GAH) and get pull-ups for both
    –might hold off on this until Josh gets home, if we’ve got enough
  4. get hamburger out for dinner – we’re having tacos, XD
  5. make tags for members
  6. make tubes for money, XD
  7. make some wordpress themes
  8. more will end up on this list, I promise, XD

Oh, and I’ll do a Half-Naked Thursday:

It was originally a shot of my peeling skin, XD, but ha ha, I think it works.