Goodness gracious, Great Balls, A FIRE!

Yeah, that’s right. A FIRE. Remember I was just bitching about ?

Well, a fire was started, in the outside our bedroom window. Guess what caused it. Come on, make a tiny guess!! It’s an easy one, I promise.

That’s right, FIREWORKS. God forbid someone pay attention to the RULES: No dumpsters, no , not in front of buildings, not near O.o How hard is that to follow.

I guess it’s really hard, since when we got back from Josh’s ’s today, one was doing them right under the of a set of , one was doing them right in the parking lot (you know, with CARS around), and one was doing them right in front of the . You know, with . God damn people. Use the you were supposed to have been blessed with.

Winner(s) will be announced tomorrow, XD. I had 4 participants. 3 tied with 2, and one flew by with 3, so I’ll give little prizes to those who only had 2, because y’all did really well!!


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2 responses to “Goodness gracious, Great Balls, A FIRE!

  1. Usually I love firework, but only on January the first… and never after or before that! May I add that you have the most adorable emoticons I have ever seen? O_O They are really amazing! XD and so many of them! Another thanks for hosting me! And granted one of youre wishes! ^^;

  2. I love fireworks, too, but prefer either the quiet ones (sparklers, the black crawler things, etc) or the professional ones. Others just drive me nuts.

    The emoticons came from SCB (*giggles, my initials, just realized): … but aren’t they the cutest things? I’m obsessed with them, XD

    And you’re more than welcome, and thank you for filling my wish :hugs: :love: