Heat is sucking my energy. I mean sucking it DRY! I feel like ** right now. 🙁 Thankfully, I got the trunk of the car cleaned out, so it’ll be easier to get stuff into it.

Kids are . I’m not surprised with that, but gah, today is awful. They’re fighting over who’s going to sleep in ’s bed O.o !! Please tell me my aren’t being unique on this. Please tell me that other / deal with the same stupid petty things.

We’re leaving early tomorrow, and god, I could use some sleep. Ha ha, Josh and I were up a bit late last night 🙂 *shrug* I couldn’t sleep, anyways. I’d start to , and he’d complain about it being “too cold” O.o Yeah, he was asleep, ROFL.


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One response to “Icks

  1. Becky (MysticMoon)

    lol naw your brats are no different then anyone else’s XD

    *You’ve been tagged – see my blog for details