Die, Cox, Die

Yeah, internet went dead at 9 am. Went up at 11:30 am, went back down at 11:40 am, and finally came back up at 3:45 pm. Someone want to hunt them down and put them out of their misery for me? PLEASE?

I got 3 more tags done today. I keep up this rate, and I’ll have June done completely before we leave for my parents, XD. Goodness gracious. Guess one good thing has happened because of ’s to keep up their end of the . GAH!! Josh and I have already agreed that if Cox fights us on getting it fixed, we’re switching to . We should be able to get a “ghost line” instead of a , since we don’t want, nor need one of those. We’ll see if we have to cross that bridge. Good news? We at least won’t have to worry about getting a different , :lol:.


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