Now that’s bad

Apparently Josh doesn’t exist O.o At least not at Walmart. I went to order his most important Christmas gift (DnD Dungeon’s Master Guide, Vs. 3.5 … what he really wants), and :lol:, his disount card and ID number didn’t match, so I couldn’t use it 🙁 That frickin’ bites, but oh well. Still have it ordered. Ninety-seven cents for shipping, so just over $20, with tax. Suits me, since the stores don’t seem to carry it 🙁 Should have bought it when I saw it though, because it went up $2 since yesterday. WTF? Stupid Walmart.

Speaking of Josh, he’s currently asleep right now or working on going that way. Ethan’s zonked out behind me, and Madi’s heading to la-la land watching Donald, Mickey, and Goofy (some kind of Disney cartoons DVD). Me? I seem to mostly wide-awake. I’m hoping the babies will sleep in tomorrow. If not, I’m screwed, and will be very bitchy, :lol:. At least Josh gets off at 2 tomorrow (if they don’t need him to stay over). He’s actually going in at about 4:30 (to set up), and only taking a half-hour lunch (requested … half hour is all that state-law requires), but they’re at least providing food. Sunday, he’s switching with Mark (Mark’s got somewhere he’s gotta be that evening), so he’s 8-5 Saturday, and 10-7 Sunday 🙂 Works okay for me. I’m just waiting impatiently for 2 weeks and 1 half hour, :lol:. Figure it out 😛

Thinking of my birthday, is it really sad that what I really want is a few collections of WP templates by Nickle and Dime Graphics (the same ones that made this template)? I’m so pathetic! *giggles* Hey, at least I’ll admit it 😛

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4 responses to “Now that’s bad

  1. oh that sucks. I hate when that happens. Two dollars is not so bad, could be worse. I’ve been spying the NewEgg BlackFriday stuff and noticed they’re giving away Wii’s –2 a day until the 11th, just sign up for the email list . That would make a nice birthday if you won

  2. Still cheaper than Amazon or Barnes and Noble, so I’m not complaining too badly, :lol:.

    And thanks!! I totally signed up. Can’t beat free. And since it’s actually a site I don’t mind receiving updates about, I won’t sweat it if I don’t, 🙂

  3. I was thinking about signing my mom up for something they do on the morning news we watch. They’ll be giving away $200 gift cards for newegg starting next week.

    Guess you got in before the site crashed. Yahoo’s reporting the Walmart site got so swamped it crashed

  4. I got in at 11 pm last night without a problem. A major problem is the coding just sucks. Menus and things automatically drop down, which really slows and bogs down things.