This is quite sad

Everyone assumes that just because they use FF or Opera, or any other non-IE browser that they’re immune to viruses, spyware, and all that junk. WTF? None of the creators of these browsers have ever claimed that. They have just said that they’re more secure, with better pop-up protection. Why does everyone claim that they’re virtually virus free? Oh well, your PC is the one that’s gonna get fucked, not mine.

In other news, finally, in the mail, the PayPal debit card came in. *dances* That’s awesome!! $3000 a day spending limit, and $400 a day ATM withdrawl! That means we can just transfer the money for the PC or whatever and not have to go through the CC or the checking account debit πŸ™‚ That makes things a lot easier.

Speaking of paypal, only 5 more days to sign up for 25 Days. I will accept delayed payments, though if you haven’t paid by the first, you won’t get your tags until you do. I think that’s pretty fair, right?

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2 thoughts on “This is quite sad”

  1. yeah the only ones who can safely boast that would be ones written expressly for a Mac πŸ˜† Since nearly all viruses are written to attack Microsoft vulerablities. Not sure on the adware stand point.

    Best prevention is good security software and letting it update on a regular basis. I’m just of the mind that IE is crap software πŸ˜† Only got 7 because it downloaded with the office update, and they’ve hidden all of the menu tool bar πŸ™„

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